Colour can make an impact

If your house is rendered, then simply adding a coat of paint can make your house stand out from the crowd. But choice of colour is important.

  • White is often used, as it is cheap, and people hope it brightens up a wall. This might be true in sunny Greece, but in the grey British climate, white paint just reflects back the dull grey light Britain has rather a lot of.
House with white rendered front

Before - white paint on the exterior of houses in the UK looks dull and grey.

  • Cream is better than white, but is a rather uninspired choice.
  • Pale yellows, greens and blues work well in seaside locations, or on houses with character.
  • Colours such as putty and clay are contemporary, and will add character to bland 1960’s and 70’s builds.
After - This clay colour but adds a contemporary feel.

After - This clay colour adds a contemporary feel.

Manufacturers such as Dulux can mix up a wide range of colours in exterior-grade paint, that can be used to tie-in with other house features, such as the shutters on the house shown. We’ll come back to the shutters another time.


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