Renovating garden buildings

Garden buildings like sheds and garages are a necessary, but often unsightly, feature of our precious outdoor spaces. But with a little thought, you can turn them into charming assets.


Garden sheds are a violent orange when new. Although they will eventually weather to a silver-grey colour, this take years, and can often produce patchy results. A simple touch of paint can transform the appearance, and can also be used to revive the fortunes of an old shed in poor condition.

Renovated and painted shed with inset picture showing before

This previously dilapidated shed was given a new lease of life with paint and new roofing felt.


Left untreated, the utilitarian finish of pebble-dashed, brick or cast concrete garages can look very utilitarian. Try to tackled your problem area with a bit of lateral thinking.

  • Grow plants over the wall using wire or trellis as supports.
  • Plant shrubs in front of the offending structure and paint the wall a pale colour. Perversely, although a pale colour might makes the wall seem stand out more, it is the shrubs your eye will focus on.

    The pale wall makes this shrub stand out, and ties in with the shrub's flowers.

  • Conversely, painting a large structure a dark colour will help it recede into the background. Again, setting a patio or pergola in front gives the eye something else to look at than the wall.
  • Cladding or rendering are more expensive options, but could be much cheaper than replacing an otherwise sound structure. For a cohesive look, try to use similar materials to those on the main house.

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