5 top tips for creating a focal point

Here’s 5 top tips on how to give your living room the focal point it needs without it being the TV.

1. Add a feature wall

Highlighting a particular wall with paint or wallpaper adds emphasis to an area. The separate decoration marks it out from the rest of the room. It’s says “I’m important. Look at me”. If choosing wallpaper, you may need just one roll, so it can be a quick, inexpensive fix.

Feature wallpaper

Striking feature wallpaper

2. Focus on a fireplace

A fireplace is the natural focal point for a living room. This is easy if you have a proper chimney breast. Just install a grate and sweep the chimney if you want a real fire, or simply fill the opening with cut logs, pillar candles or a pile of pinecones.

Modern houses often lack fireplaces but you can buy fireplace sets in most DIY stores. A fireplace set with a chunky frame look best on a flat wall as they give the illusion of a chimney breast. Wall hung fireplaces also look good without taking up too much space.

3. Use large-scale artwork

A large work of art will add interest and draw the eye. If a proper piece of art is beyond your budget, try wallpapering a large piece of MDF for a dramatic effect, or cluster a group of pictures together.

4. Try a mirror

Large mirrors can be effective features, but consider the view they reflect. It will reflect light and a view opposite a window, but may just show people’s legs running up to bed opposite a staircase.

Feature mirror adds drama

A feature mirror adds drama

5. Create a display with shelving

Showcase one of your collections with a series of shelves. Not only will you see your beloved collection more often, but so will your guests.

And a couple of  words on that TV…

A TV as a focal point sends out the message that your life revolves around the TV. Even if it is true, it may not be something you want to advertise.

Hiding the TV inside a piece of furniture means the furniture can be bulky. Then when all the seating in the room is turned to face the TV (piece of furniture), the illusion is quickly shattered.

Hanging the TV on the wall does not make it look like a picture. It looks like a TV on the wall. If you hang it above a fireplace, it will also give you a stiff neck when sat watching it.

Quite simply the best way to manage the TV is to site it near a proper focal point. This way all your furniture can be arranged around both the focal point and TV at the same time.


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  1. great idea on using wallpaper to create a large art piece!

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