Makeover Project #2: Pantry Door

This pantry door is in the corner of a family kitchen. It is no longer used as a pantry, rather for normal storage.


  • The paint emulsion the door is emulsion, so marks.
  • The previous owner has applied fake panel beading onto the door which cannot be removed without damaging the door.
  • The family do not want the expense of a new door.

    Pantry door before makeover

    Before makeover


  • Use the panelling effect to advantage and paint the “panel” with blackboard paint for the family to write notes on and younger members to draw on.
  • Remove vents and spray paint white.
  • Sand down door and coat with durable white satinwood paint.
  • Change door handle.

    Pantry door after makeover

    After, with handy blackboard

Project cost = £25 (handle, blackboard paint, satinwood paint)

Memento Designs did a similar thing, but with magnetic paint as well. Genius.

And we have fund with painted makeovers with a bookcase and a bedside table.


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