Makeover Project #3: Conservatory playroom

This conservatory is accessed from the kitchen/diner. It should have a dual personality. Playroom by day. Adult relaxing space by night. However the current layout and contents make feel more like a dumping ground.


  • Lack of comfortable seating
  • Dirty, faded carpet
  • Toys dominate the room
  • Jumble of mismatched furniture
Conservatory before makeover strewn with toys

Before: Conservatory strewn with toys


  • Replace carpet with wood-effect vinyl
  • Add sofa for adult to relax on and “storytime” with children
  • Use trugs to contain the worst of the toys in the evening
  • Remove mismatched furniture
  • Add accessories to give the room a more grown-up identity
  • Replace foam floortiles with a rug that softens the floor that serves for both adults and children.
Conservatory After Makeover

After: proper seating and controlling the toys mean the balance had been struck. The two sofa cushions still need to be replaced with something more in keeping.

Project cost = £110 (flooring, trugs). Sofa, lamp and rug relocated from elsewhere in the house. A similar rug would cost £100 and sofa £500, if bought new (but try secondhand from ebay to save cost).


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  1. Great fix! The “after” room is a wonderful transformation!

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