Create positivity in your home

In my day job I have just been on a workshop session with motivational speaker Marcus Child. Marcus spoke of the way using positive language can make a real impact on your life. For the better.

And that got me thinking. If using words at work can be so powerful, using words within your decorating scheme at home could work wonders too.

Think of all those positive subliminal messages. Yippee.

A simple way to introduce words into a scheme is to use block-cut wood letters. Words like “love” and “peace” will add a calmness to a room, and are often ornate enough to work as art. Ideal for the bedroom.

Love and angel cutout words

Cutout wooden words for inspiration

Vinyl lettering is another way of adding words to walls. Plus you can peel these off the wall without damaging it if you fancy a change later. There are lots of suppliers on eBay.

Inspirational quote

How about an inspirational quote as art?

Or you could opt to have some frosted window film with your chosen words cut into the pattern (like a negative of vinyl on the wall). Frosted film is useful for hiding an ugly view – and now you can make it lift your day as well.

And if you just want a quick fix, try making your own art with words. Wordle is a free internet site that turns your words into art. Choose a few inspiring words, pop them into Wordle, print the image out and frame it. How easy is that?

Wordle inspiration cloud

Wordle inspiration cloud

Have I inspired you to add some positive thinking to your home? Let me know!


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