Put more than just pictures on a wall

When it comes to dressing a room there are many treatments you can use to create interest on a wall. Using a picture is just the obvious way and you can be far more creative. Here’s 4 quick ideas.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Try a collection of small mirrors, grouped together. Individually small mirrors can look lost, but collectively, they reflect light and views of the room. The key to making a collection like this work is to have a theme. Here, all the mirror frames are white, and are tied with the same black ribbon.

Mirror collection

A mirror collection decroates this small bathroom

Let your home wear your jewellery

Why not hang your jewellery on the wall of a dressing area to both store and display long necklaces. This way you can appreciate them even when you aren’t wearing them. They are less likely to get tangled too.

Dressing area/room

A dressing room can be decorative in its own right.

A grown-up version of your teenage posters

Vinyl wall stickers can brighten the most magnolia of schemes. Taking just seconds to apply (and remove), these are the perfect solution for adding personality to a rental property without risking your deposit. When you move, simply peel them off.

vinyl wall art above a bed

A great solution for rented accommodation as the sticker won't damage the wall

Or paper a frame…

When your DIY skills are lacking, and yet you would like feature wallpaper, then just frame it. Hung in triplicate as shown here gives the effect of wallpaper a whole wall without overpowering the room, which this lively paper would easily do.

Framed wallpaper

Framed wallpaper

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