Decorating a girl’s bedrooms: anti-pink thinking

After watching DIY SOS last night, I found Nina Campbell’s design for the little girl’s room soft and feminine, without being a sea of pink. The design she produced used eau de nil, soft greens, and yes, touches of raspberry sorbet pink.

It got me thinking about how you can make a room attractive for both adults and a child with some slightly anti-pink thinking.

  • Bunting– Nostalgically harking back to the 1940s and 50s, bunting is simple and inespensive to make yourself using scraps of old material, ribbon and some pinking shears. There’s something about bunting that says “tea party” (in the non-political sense!). And so many little girls like playing tea parties with their toys.

    Bunting for a child's room

    Bunting - girlie, but not necessarily pink

  • Colours – Our daughter’s room is mostly yellow. There is a little pink on accessories and furniture, but also blue, green, purple, lilac. As she grows up, if she insists on a pink wall, a washed out shade on one wall, or wallpaper with some pink in the design will be easier to live with while appealing to her inner pink demon.
  • Butterflies and birds– As a motif, these can incorporate pink, without it being overwhelming. As both butterflies and birds fly, they also give a “lightness” to a scheme.

    Butterflies as decoration

  • Ribbons – Ribbons, or vinyl graphics shaped like ribbons can be soft and sophisticated. Think of a  Tiffany’s box. Pretty blue with ivory ribbon – unquestionably feminine, but no pink.

    Tiffany's box

    Tiffany's box. Feminine, but no pink

  • Retro Florals and GinghamCath Kidston-style 50’s retro floral fabrics are very en vogue. They can be pretty, undeniably girlie, and great in small doses. Gingham is slightly easier to live with, and can be used effectively as a trim on cushions and curtains.

Only time will tell if I can control my own daughter’s potential pink colour schemes. Let me know how you’ve tackled the challenge of a little girl’s bedroom without going all out for pink.


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