Fab finds: vintage glassware

As a sucker for glass vases, I simply adore these Liskeard Glass vases from the 1970s. These were made by an ex-Whitefriars employee (Jim Dyer) for just a few years.

Liskeard Glass collection

Vintage Liskeard Glass collection - sweetie colours and an affordable price

The “molten” glass effect, and sweetie colours, just pop off the mirrored sideboard they live on.

There were only ever these 3 “knobbly” shapes and 3 colours (well, and clear) made, and all have an “LG” logo embossed on the base (easy to identify). They are simple to pick up off eBay for about £30 each, so collecting is easy.

Go get started!


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  1. Lovely display, apparently Liskeard made these with the leftover glass at the end of the day – their bread and butter was fine wine glasses and tankards 🙂

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