Makeover Project #5: painted bedside table

A simple paint-over of wooden furniture can transform a piece for next to nothing. No need for shopping!
  • IKEA stool used as a side-table showing signs of wear.
  • Dark wood does not match new colour scheme.
Before makeover of bedside table

Before makeover of bedside table

  • Paint over with white paint (lightly sand all surfaces, coat with two layer of undercoat and two top-coats)
  • Dress table with dramatic slightly oversized lampshade on existing base (the size of shade is balanced by the table)

    After a quick makeover with white paint

    After a quick makeover

Project cost = £20. Undercoat and Satinwood paint, plus £1.50 for lampshade on eBay. Original (unfinished) stool was around £7

See another painted makeover here

Or here, making over a pantry door with the “magic” of paint


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