Injecting glamour into the humble lightbulb

Lightbulbs have been with us for well over 100 years now. With a little thought, these functional items can be objects of delight in their own right. Read on to see our designer take on the common-or-garden lightbulb.

Modern, low energy lightbulbs might be good for your energy bills, but they can be rather a challenge, aesthetically speaking. This is changing. Try the glamorous Plumen 001. So affordable at just £20 each.

The plumen 001 lightbulb

Modern lightbulbs don't have to look ugly

However the charm of old filament lightbulbs has not totally diminished. In fact there has been a resurgence in really retro filament styles. Environmentally dubious, but elegantly old-fashioned.

Squirrel cage lightbulb

Squirrel cage lightbulb - picture source

But lightbulb design need not stop there: Try these 3 inspirational twists on a boring old lightbulb.

1. Lightbulb vases. Pretty and elegant. Instructions can be found here.

Lightbulbs used as vases

An inventive, pretty look for old lightbulbs - picture source

2. Lightbulbs as oil lamps. Sadly, I couldn’t find anywhere you could buy these, and I couldn’t advise you try this yourself!

Lightbulb Candle

Lightbulbs reinvented as a candle - picture source

3. Lightbulb Terrarium – DIY instructions on making your own are here.

A lightbulb terrarium

No garden? Simple. Grow it in a lightbulb - picture source


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  1. These are fantastic! I love the soft warm giowlng light you get from incandescent bulbs and I have not been able to find matches in the new energy saving bulbs (I find the light to be very unattractive and cold) these are perfect! I love their shape too!

  2. Love the industrial look of a simple hanging lightbulb..especially when grouped together like the first pic 🙂

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