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Interior trends: top 5 paisley power choices

The catwalk has been awash with paisley patterns, and this has been adapted for your home. The trend adds a little eastern mystic to a room, but the key to success with this trend is that less is more. It also taps into the “earthy homespun” vibe, where subtly ethnic designs are de rigueur and hark back to the carefree summer days in the 1960s.

The modern twist is to have paisley swirls spread across a plain background. Full-on heavy paisley patterns are more befitting a dated style-vacuum than an interior design trend.

One paisley pattern is plenty for any scheme, so pick yours wisely. Here’s our top choices for elegant style.

1. Paisley Circles by Sanderson £52/roll

paisley wallpapr

Paisley wallpapaer by Sanderson

2 Denby Monsoon Plate £6

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Dinner Plate

Denby Monsoon Cosmic Dinner Plate

3 Contzen Design Rug, from £54

Paisley rug

Paisley rug

4 Cushion by Occa Home (£60)

Occa Home cushion

Occa Home Paisley Cushion

5 Blue bedding by Monsoon Home (from £15-£100)

Paisley bedding

Blue bedding with a paisley theme

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