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Shutters lift a bland frontage

Decorative shutters might be something associated with Switzerland and alpine lodges, but they are a useful addition that can create character.

Adding character is a wonderful way of both personalising your home and making it look and feel loved. As long as your house is not in a row of identically designed homes (where shutters may look incongruous), shutters can add an extra dimension an ordinary house.

A uPVC shutter in Clay colour

An example of a uPVC shutter

Material choice and considerations

  • Wood – requires either staining or painting, and maintenance over the years. Maintenance can be a little difficult if shutters are on the first floor. Wooden exterior shutters are hard to source in the UK and importation is expensive.
  • uPVC – Available in a range of colours, and no need for maintenance. From a distance (e.g. shutter on a first floor window) these can look convincing. The real boon is the lack of maintenance, which will pay dividends in the future.
  • Iron/Metal – more for security than aesthetic reasons, unless you are going for a heavy gothic look. Probably only for the very bravest decorator…


  • Louvres – with either wide or narrow slats. A centre bar (mullion) is effective in visually breaking taller shutters. If you have sash windows, the mullion looks best when aligned with the sash.
  • Board and batten – for a more country-style. Wide shutters look particularly effective with a “Z” crossbeam.
  • The height should to match the height of the window and the width should be proportional.

Colour choice

Whether painted or not, the world is your oyster when it comes to colour. It is easier to go bold as the area is small compared to the house. But do consider the other colours you might have on your house, such as rendering, or the front door.

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